School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2020-2021

  • Freedom Hill Elementary School

  • Region 2


As part of efforts in a virtual learning environment, Freedom Hill staff will ensure that:

  • 100% of students have access to a device that allows access to virtual instruction
  • 100% of students without home internet access are provided with a device that allows for internet and access to instruction
  • the yearly student attendance rate for Freedom Hill students in grades K-6 is at least 90%


As part of efforts in a virtual learning environment, Freedom Hill staff will:

  • convene professional learning in Collaborative Learning Teams twice per week, and develop high-leverage distance learning techniques to increase student engagement across all grade levels
  • ensure that teachers of students with disabilities, Advanced Academics students, and English learners receive appropriate professional development in high-leverage distance strategies and incorporate novel instruction in the virtual classroom.
  • ensure that 100% of general education classrooms incorporate Advanced Academics strategies periodically


To facilitate a welcoming and culturally responsive virtual environment:

  • 100% of Freedom Hill families will have a 1:1 “back to school meeting” with their child’s teacher
  • 100% of Freedom Hill teachers will lead a daily morning meeting

Freedom Hill teachers will periodically engage in professional learning activities to gain new cultural perspectives and strategies for promoting social-emotional health in our students, as well as new learning in the area of equity.