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Welcome to the Freedom Hill Library!

  • There are over 15,000 books just waiting to be discovered, covering a wide variety of popular fiction and nonfiction authors and age ranges. The library is open from 9:05 a.m. to 4:05 p.m. for readers to check out and return books, as well as to work on class projects.
  • Students in preschool, Head Start, ID/IDS, and K-2 visit the library weekly to connect with great books, learn library and research skills, and check out fiction and nonfiction titles related to their interests.
  • Students in grades 3-6 come as a class every week to develop research skills, nurture an excitement for literature, and check out titles of their choice.

Checking Out Books

  • Kindergarten and first-grade students may check out two books. Second-sixth graders may check out four books.
  • Books are checked out for three weeks. If students are not finished with a book, they may renew it, or check it out again, up to two more times, as long as the book is not on hold for someone else.
  • Students can get on a waiting list for books that are currently checked out to someone else by logging in to the Destiny catalog with their student ID number, finding the book in the catalog, and clicking on the HOLD button. Teachers let their students know when the book they are waiting for is ready for pick up.
  • Students are responsible for paying for damaged and/or lost books.

Parent Volunteers

  • Parent volunteers are always welcome in the library! We circulate thousands of books each month, so help with shelving is especially appreciated. For more information contact librarian Katherine Trott at 703-506-7855, or at @email.

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