Fifth Grade Supply List for 2021-2022


48      #2 Pencils, Ticonderoga preferred

1 Pack (4 or more) Expo fine tip dry erase markers

8        100 sheet Hard Cover Marble Composition Books (No Spirals or Soft Covers)

3        Plastic 2 Pocket Folders without Brads (1 each: Red, Blue, Green)

1 Package Colored Pencils, 12-count or more

1 Package Markers, 8-count or more

1 Package Crayons, 24-count or more

8 Large Glue Stick, Elmer’s requested

1 Earbud Set (no over the ear headphones)

9 3”x3” Self-stick Notepads (Post-its)

2 Boxes Tissues

1 Container Disinfecting Wipes

3 Thin Highlighters


Boys: 1 Box Zipper Storage Bags, Gallon Size

Girls: 2 Packs - 3x5 100-count White Index Cards


* Supply pouches/boxes will be provided. Please do not purchase one.